Aron works out of his 100 year old church in North Nashville. He sings, writes, and produces. His strengths are lyric, melody, strong structure and vocals. He wrote the title/hook for "Hallelujah" by Panic at the Disco (their second top 40 hit single) and "Walk Out On Me", which Courtney Love covered for the Grammy-nominated GOLD record, EMPIRE. His most recent cuts are Noah Kahan’s “Carlo's Song”, Lucie Silvas’ “I Want You All to Myself” and Patrick Droney’s (WBR) “High Hope”.

He has had over 100 song syncs in Film and and Television, including 21 in Grey's Anatomy as well as placements in Empire, Lucifer, The Good Doctor, Shameless, Shades of Blue, Pretty Little Liars, iZombie, and Blacklist. His music has been featured in trailers/promos/ads for Lloyds Bank, Ocean's 8, The Rookie, Careful What You Wish For, Netflix's Between, Jeep, Expedia and GQ.

Aron is a chameleon writes in all genres, from soul to pop to rock. His alter-ego rock project is called MAWR.