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Kris Orlowski

Hailing from the dark, northern forests of Seattle, Kris Orlowski explores themes of authenticity, loss, and a search for connection that have always been central to his songwriting.

"Orlowski’s style can best be described as earnest but moody; somber but sincere. Like the best Northwesterners of recent vintage (think: Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard, Damien Jurado, the late Elliott Smith), Orlowski uses roots music as something of a starting point, but ladles pop changes and varying production sensibilities over the air to switch up textures and moods." - Corey DuBrowa via Magnet Magazine

Kris has been busy since the early 2000's, releasing five well-received EPs, three full length records, touring the country with various national acts many times over (Gregory Alan Isakov, Jamestown Revival, Sara Watkins, Little Green Cars) and writing songs for features on primetime television.