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Ryan Marshall Lawhon a.k.a. Mating Ritual

Mating Ritual is an independent pop duo based in Los Angeles, California. Previously known as Pacific Air, Ryan Marshall Lawhon founded Mating Ritual in 2014 when his brother Taylor decided to go back to school. Though initially a solo project, Mating Ritual became increasingly more collaborative leading up to his debut album, 2017’s How You Gonna Stop It?, released on Ryan’s own label, Smooth Jaws. Working heavily with other LA songwriters and artists, the brothers realized they missed creating music as a duo and immediately began work on Mating Ritual’s sophomore album, Light Myself On Fire.

Their newest record, Hot Content, was written and produced in the brothers’ Mount Washington studio. Classic pop songwriting with modern recording techniques give the album a diverse, timeless feel. "Hot Content takes an internet joke and turns it into an examination of relationships, internet culture and mental health” says Ryan, “It’s a very fun sounding record that isn’t afraid of tackling issues that are more or less, not fun.” This fall, the brothers will bring their energetic live performance to 21cities across North America on their first headline run.